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Day Tours

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Day Tours

We offer a wide choice of day tours that are guaranteed to make your trip to Japan more exciting and enjoyable. These tours include visits to traditional Japanese temples and nature walks as well as entertainment such as Sumo Wrestling and Geisha entertained evenings. With an English speaking guide to help you get the most of your tours, these short trips are a fantastic and great value way of experiencing Japan!

JPY 16,100

Sightseeing Tour

Cherry blossoms blooming season: End of March to the beginning of April

JPY 17,000 ~ 17,500

(Return by Shinkansen)

This is our most popular tour! Ride the Shinkansen, explore Mt Fuji's 5th station & Hakone all in 1 day!

JPY 15,000

(Disband at JR Nikko Station)

This 1-day bus tour from Tokyo takes you to all the highlights of Nikko.

JPY 41,400

(Reserved Seat Shinkansen)

Ride the Shinkansen, Japan's famous bullet train, to Kyoto to experience its 1,200 years of rich history.

JPY 29,000

End of March to the beginning of April

Enjoy a leisurely tour to Kyoto's recommended sightseeing spots on this guided tour.

JPY 15,000

Enjoy a guided tour of Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Enjoy seeing the Ninja show and a recreation of an Edo era town at Nikko Edomura.

JPY 12,000

Visit 4 of Tokyo's popular sightseeing spots in 1-day

Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace Gardens, Imperial Palace and more...

JPY 12,000

1-day bus tour of Kamakura & Yokohama

This is a highlight course of Kamakura and Yokohama's most popular tourist spots

JPY 9,200

Nijo-jo Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple & Kyoto Imperial Palace

Enjoy a quick and easy trip to some of Nara's most famous sightseeing spots from Osaka.

JPY 6,600

Bus tour visiting 2 of Tokyo's most popular locations.

TOKYO SKYTREE® and Senso-ji Temple, accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

JPY 13,700 ~ 14,700

Stroll around the historic Gion district in a Kimono!

Dress in a Kimono & experience a traditional Japanese costume.

JPY 14,000

Enjoy the traditional dances of the maiko!

Take a commemorative photo with the maiko and show all your friends!

JPY 6,000

Perform the tea ceremony on this cultural tour.

Enjoy spending a peaceful time at a brightly-lit tea ceremony room in Tokyo's Nihonbashi.

JPY 14,500

How would you like to try making your own sushi?

Experience hand-shaping and rolling sushi, and of course tasting your own work of art!

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